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June 21, 2023 | News

Community Transport

If you need more help than public transport can supply, such as medical appointments, help with shopping and prescription collection. Please click on the link below:

Other Options for over 65’s

We work 1 to 1 with over 65s across Hampshire to help give them the knowledge, confidence, and skills to travel independently by public and community transport, and get to social activities, the shops or appointments. We can often accompany you on a journey to give you confidence to do it yourself the next time. People we’ve helped so far say their confidence has improved, they are getting out the house more, and they feel more connected with their local community.

Get in touch to refer someone who would benefit from this personalised and friendly service.

call: 07806 775089

Public Transport

Click on the link below for more information of Hampshire County Council Public Transport.

Get around for £2!

Bus passengers will be able to keep travelling for £2 per single journey.

The £2 fare cap continues until the end of October, and at £2.50 thereafter until 30 November 2024.

Please note that this may not be available on all services so check before you travel.

Bus Fare leaflet