Accepting New Patients

Are you looking to register with a GP? Clanfield Practice, Pinehill Surgery in Bordon and The Grange Surgery in Petersfield are currently accepting new patients. Please contact our friendly staff who will help you register with us.” and the links to the surgeries please.

Social Prescribing is a way in which we can help patients to link with a range of local, non-medical activities, they give patients time to focus on ‘What Matters to me’ and taking a holistic approach to health and well-being,

Our Physiotherapist can help patients with musculoskeletal issues such as back, neck and joint pain by: Assessing and diagnosing issues. Giving expert advice on how best to manage their conditions by creating a treatment plan.

Health and Wellbeing Coaches work alongside patients to coach and motivate, supporting them to become active participants in their own care by self-identifying their needs, setting goals, and implementing their personalised health and care plan.

Dieticians are healthcare professionals that diagnose and treat diet and nutritional problems, both at an individual patient and wider public health level.

Our pharmacists work with and alongside the GPS within the PCN and take responsibility to clinically assess and treat patients using expert knowledge of medicines. All Pharmacists are qualified Prescribers.

Our mental health practitioner is provided under a local service agreement by the MIND mental health services and embedded within the PCN.

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach will work on a 1-1 basis with young people aged 11-18 years identified by the GP’s and Social Prescribers.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, or you are seeking to support someone with cancer, below is a list of useful links for information about cancer, and the various forms of help and support available.

East Hants Primary Care Network

The Right Care at the Right Time from the Right Person

East Hants PCN is a group of GP practices who are working together with a range of local providers including those across primary care, community services, social care and the voluntary sector to offer more personalised and coordinated health and social care to our local population. We work together to develop and deliver plans, process and people top provide resilience to General Practice within East Hants and support our local practices.

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At many GP surgeries, there is a range of health professionals who can help you. In this film, three children go behind the scenes at a general practice to meet some of those health professionals.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

April is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Know the symptoms of bowel cancer

  • Bleeding from your bottom
  • Blood in your poo
  • In support of Bowel Cancer UK
  • Beating bowel cancer together
  • A change in how often you poo, or regularly having diarrhoea or constipation
  • Losing weight but you’re not sure why
  • Feeling very tired all the time but you’re not sure why
  • A pain or lump in your tummy

If you have any of these symptoms, it’s important to ask your GP for an at-home test as soon as you can.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Celebrating Community Excellence – Community Awards 2024

East Hants PCN Social Prescriber Chime Carlin was recently presented with a Community Award for Outstanding Adult!

Chime started the Karma Cafe (Thursdays) and Quiet Cafe (Fridays) to encourage members of the community that maybe struggling out into the community. She’ll see individuals on a one-to-one basis but also enables them to meet other people in the community, gets them out of the house and encourages new friendships. Everyone who comes to these cafes has nothing but praise for Chime and for some, this simple thing has been life changing.

community-awards 2024