Youth Life Coaching

May 2, 2024 | News

Self Discovery with Vicky Anne

Life Coaching for Youths Aged 13 – 18 Yrs

Find what makes your teenager smile by helping them connect with their inner self and identify their true life purpose.

personalised packages can help your teenager with:

  • Understanding their own self-identity & spirituality
  • Identifying who they want to be and what they would like to do in the future
  • Navigating and exploring key life transitions (e.g. exam options/leaving school or college)
  • Achieving specific personal goals
  • Boosting motivation and overcoming low mood, stress, lack of confidence or self-esteem
  • Recovering from ill health
  • Preparing for or overcoming a major life change (e.g. moving home/parental separation)
  • Overcoming fears, phobias or emotional blocks

What does a coach do?

Support & Enable

Provides ongoing support and enables your teen to hold themselves accountable for their progress.

Identify & Plan

Helps your teen to identify clear personal goals and plan out a pathway that works best for them.

Motivate & Inspire

Uses a range of techniques to help motivate and inspire your teenager to achieve their goals

Book a free initial consultation to find out how investing in your teenager can help them become their best self.
Sessions can be online or face-to-face depending on location.